Women during the 16th era were bound in a figurative and literal sense. During that era bondage was universal regardless of class or social status. Even reigning women were in one way or another bound. Fashion was used as a demonstration of power and wealth. 

Marzook’s FW’17 collection is inspired by these women’s culture and experiences. The technique used on this collection is both modern and historic, utilizing historic construction techniques and design details providing a decorative aesthetic. This season Marzook introduces several styles of handbags named after the reigning women of the 16th century: Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Queen Mary, Catherine the Great, and Anne Boleyn. 

Each woman had a special distinctive style, an ostentatious way of dress and lavish jewels, that affected fashion as we know it today. These reigning women had their own customs and social rules that was reflected in their fashion sense. Style, during that era, depended on social status, precedent traditions, and laws that these reigning queens were bound to.

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