How can I contact Marzook?
Email us at or call us +961 78 863449
What is 'My Account'? How do I update my information ?
In order to shop from Marzook, you should creat an account. And by creating this account you will receive all our updates.
How do I merge my accounts linked to different email ids?
Edit your account, and add the new email.
Can I order a product that is 'Out of Stock'?
Yes, the customer should inform Marzook which product they want and Marzook will make the product ready for them in some cases.
Do I need to set up an account to place an order?
You can shop at without creating an account. However, register with us and you will be able to enjoy the following benefits: Review your past purchases, receive our news letter, and get discounts on your future purchases.
Is my personal information kept private?
Please be assured that your personal information is kept private and confidential, and at no point will we share it with a third party. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy here.
Can I customize a bag from Marzook?
Yes, you can cusomize your bag and be in direct contact with Marzook's designing team.
To customize your Marzook bag please contact
Can I order a bag with a shorter chain?
Yes, you can order your bag with a shorter chain instead of long one. But of course you need to send us a note once you order the bag.
Can I return the bag or switch it with another design?
In case you ordered your bag and after that you decided on another one you can contact us and we can change it for you.
But in case of preorders we cannot return or change the bag.


What payment methods does Marzook accept?
We accept Visa, Master, and Knet cards.
Is it safe to use my credit card online?
Ofcourse it's safe. uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This encrypts and protects the data you send to us over the internet.
Can I pay through a wire transfer?
Yes depends on the case.


How long does it take for a preorder to be ready?
A preordered bag will take around 40 to 50 days to be ready.


Which countries does ship to?
Marzook ships worldwide.
How long does delivery take, and how much will it cost?
For more information regarding shipping please contact us at
Is my package insured and do I need to sign for my order?
All your purchases are insured against theft and accidental damage while in transit from Marzook to your shipping address. Once your package has been delivered and signed for at your specified address, it is no longer covered. A signature is required.
Do I cover the shipping costs?
Marzook covers 50% of the shipping costs and the client covers the other 50%.
Does Marzook cover customs and duties?
Marzook is irresponsible of the customs and duties. The client should cover the customs and duties depending on customs of his country.


Do you repair or refurbish Marzook handbags?
Yes we do repair Marzook's bags but depends on the case.
For more info please contact us at